This 'Diary' has separate sections for each of the Ladies, Seniors, Juniors and Mens competitions/fixtures. Each of the section dairies can be downloaded into personal electronic diaries.

As at Dec each year, all fixtures for the next calendar year, competitions and team matches ( including away matches ) will be uploaded to this 'diary'. If you wish to know what is on at the club then please check the BRS Course Diary. This is kept up to date with visitor details etc - alternatively contact Chris Cole.
Printing instructions are at the bottom on this page - scroll down.

To Download the Calendars Electronically

Please note that once this is completed, then it should be effective for future years without any further changes.

1. Required before start

You will need a personal gmail account and password. If you do not have one or cannot remember password etc then create a new one with the minimum of information.

2. On Computer with Internet access ( This one !! )

On the calendar which appears on this page, and click 'plus sign' Google Calendar at the bottom right of the calendar 

This effectively adds the beamish calendars to your personal gmail account/calendar. You will then need to go to where you will see a list of calendars and all should be selected. This will effectively synchronise all of the fixtures across to the mobile device.

You will be able to view the ‘composite’ calendar by selecting the Calendar App in a similar way to Gmail app ( top right? Small square shapes together in a square ). You should see all of the Golf club fixtures and comps etc.  It is recommended that the general calendar settings are changed to a date format of dd/mm/yyyy, time format of 13:00 and start the week on a Monday.

3. On an Android device

Assuming that the personal gmail account is already established on the device then there is nothing more to do. Otherwise simply add the account. Check your calendar app on the device.

Instructions to Print Calendars 
Print Button - The Google Calendar has a "Print" button in the top bar which allows you to print directly from it.

PDF Files will be supplied from the links in a table below for the various fixtures for Gents, Ladies, Seniors and Juniors. These formatted PDFs are now available as at 1/12/19.

Junior Fixtures and Comps for 2021Click here
Senior Fixtures and Comps for 2021Click here
Ladies Fixtures and Comps for 2021Click here
Mens Fixtures and Comps for 2021Click here

The process !!

At the onset of autumn, the club captains and officials pull together the fixtures for the coming year. When this process is complete then the fixtures will be established on this calendar for members information. This calendar will include all club matches , both home and away.

This process is targeted to complete by the end of November, but it is dependent upon the league match fixtures being available.

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